Let’s talk about sex

Sex is a universal language of love which has the power and the potential to set you free or to enslave you. Which of those options to choose in life is ultimately in your hands, it’s your choice and your opportunity, Sex is the strongest and most primitive natural instinct in people throughout the world. When you understand the power of sex and open your mind and your heart to the pure joy of it, sex will open up the secrets of a beautiful world and make your life complete. But to do that you have to listen to your own body and stop listening to the people who are afraid to experiment with or experience the power and the joys of sex. If you do that, then sex can change your life.

As Monique Covet I have the reputation of being a sexy lady, an international porn star, a nymphomaniac who loves both men and women and could pose a threat to every happily married woman sitting at home protecting her man and her family. It is not like that in the real world. Of course I love sex and I love how beautiful and important it is between two people. I also love and understand how people and couples all over the world need each other and need to have sex together.
When people talk about sex they are usually talking about two very different things. On the one hand you are talking about “having sex” and on the other you are talking about “making love”. They are two totally different things. I’ll start with the more straight forward question of how I feel about sex. The purest and most important things about good sex for me is that it has to be

without limits. The limit, whether its spoken or more often wheither it’s in your mind, is every time what makes sex uncomfortable.
Sex is like a game of cards. If it doesn’t work or it’s uncomfortable, you have to change your game. A particular card may not have worked the last time out but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it again, in a different way, in the next game. You start with a new set of cards, with a different hand, otherwise it gets boring, but you always use the full pack. You can change the players or you can play with the same people all the time, that is your choice. In my life I have often changed the players, I always look carefully at the hand that’s dealt to me, I play the best cards I have and I encourage my playing partners to do the same. That way the game can last for a long time but everyone enjoys the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ultimate climax and the final score. In England soccer is often called “the beautiful game” but for me sex is the most beautiful game. Everyone can play without restrictions, anywhere in

the world, and with the right players and an open mind it’s the only great game that we can all play. Olay, olay olay.

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  1. Secondo me il più delle volte aiuta anche l’utilizzo di integratori per performance sessuali, il look e lo stile di approcciare.
    Penso che il sesso sia molto importante se attivo, se invece non c’e’ non c’e’ più vita.

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